More Legends Memories

Posted on Wednesday 23 October 2019

More Legends Memories

Here are a few images taken at our Songsters Legends of Pop event in September


/images/Legends/030.jpg /images/Legends/106.jpg
This Uniform or That Uniform
/images/Legends/003.jpg /images/Legends/121.jpg
This Jacket or That Jacket
/images/Legends/045.jpg /images/Legends/087.jpg
This Dress or That Dress
/images/Legends/036.jpg /images/Legends/037.jpg
This Way or That Way
/images/Legends/039.jpg /images/Legends/038.jpg
Front or Back
/images/Legends/144.jpg /images/Legends/149.jpg
Glitter 1 or Glitter 2
/images/Legends/099.jpg /images/Legends/161.jpg
Ensemble 1 or Ensemble 2

The images above were taken by our official photographer, Ralph Mason