Dudley Remembers

Posted on Monday 11 November 2019

Dudley Remembers


We appeared as guest artists in the Dudley Festival of Remembrance held at Dudley College on Thursday 7th November

John Walley was our Conductor, and Neil Bolton our Accompanist

Appearing alongside us were Sovereign Brass with their Musical Director, David Hirst and the "Andrews Sisters", who were Orla Robinson, Lauren O'Driscoll and Olivia Smith (all students from Dudley College), and Ian Rawlings was the compere for the evening

The Rev James Treasure conducted the service of remembrance and commemoration

Here are a few images from the evening's events - courtesy of the College's Arts Department




/images/Remembrance 2019/PB078937.JPG



/images/Remembrance 2019/IMG_9248.JPG


/images/Remembrance 2019/PB079083.JPG


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