Gentlemen Songsters Male Voice Choir

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Singing from the Heart of the Black Country

"The Gentlemen Songsters" come from all walks of life, and cover a wide age range.

One of the original nine members from back in May 1957, Don Marsh, is still with the choir, although sadly at the end of 2003, Don announced his retirement as a singing member, but he was very pleased to be elected as a Life Member and Vice President of the Choir.

In a survey of occupations, or former occupations of our members, we discovered that all recruitment has been carried out by our Human Resources Manager, and we can maintain your car, be creative with your book keeping (our Accountant is assisted by a Forge Master!), advise you on your investment portfolio, service your telephone and television, teach your children, paint your house, ensure your safety, put out any fires, advise on hospitalisation, and in the administration department we have a Commissionaire, a Training Officer, an Executive Officer and a six-man Board of Directors.

When you go on holiday, if you don't mind how you travel, you can travel in a bus driven by one of our choristers, or sit on the back of a lorry driven by us, board a military plane manufactured by our steel fabricators, sheet metal workers and structural engineers, which is commanded by an RAF officer - all co-ordinated, of course by our Transport Manager, and maintained by our mechanical fitters.

In fact, as a result of our recent successful recruiting campaign, we can report that our two Tenor Sections can offer a complete lifetime "soup to nuts" service, because amongst their ranks they now have an amateur chicken / egg producer who looks after the hatches, a part time Rugby Union Referee who controls the matches, and a professional Funeral Director who completes the despatches. We even have a church organist who plays at "The Crem"

We hope to do a further in depth analysis of occupations in the not too distant future - we intend to use our retired Detective Chief Superintendant to interrogate the members to obtain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!

We are always looking for new members, no matter how old or young. If you are interested, please feel free to come to one of our rehearsals, held every Monday (except Bank Holidays when it is the following Wednesday) at 7.30pm in the Church Hall at Stream Road Methodist Church, Kingswinford. You will be made most welcome, and you never know, you might get to like us.